Obesity, overweight and health: little sign of positive trend

Prevalence of obesity in Europe is probably one of the most important concern, as the report “Health at a glance: Europe 2010″, jointly published by the European Commission and the OECD demonstrates.   

In December 2010, the Implementation Progress report for theStrategy for Europe on nutrition, overweight and obesity-related health issues 2007-2013was published, as a mid-point to evaluate the extent to which progress has been made.


 The excerpts of the report are selected by GreenFacts

As underlined in the conclusions of the report, currently, there is little sign of decrease in the recently identified negative trends in overweight and obesity. Furthermore the current economic crisis could have additional negative impact on nutritional patterns across EU populations, especially amongst the most vulnerable. Taking into account the current trends, the financial situation and encouraging preliminary results of actions undertaken under the EU Strategy on Nutrition, Overweight and Obesity related Health Issues, all stakeholders should maintain and even increase their commitment to fight overweight and obesity.

Information and education campaigns, and the provision of campaign guidelines to encourage physical activity and inclusion of physical activity in school curricula were those having the highest level of implementation, although there is little information as regards the frequency and duration of physical activity put in place.

The encouragement of codes of conduct in the area of advertising to children food high in fat, salt or sugar is a work in progress. The external evaluation report of the EU Platform for Diet, Physical Activity and Health concluded that the Platform has achieved results in particular regarding self-regulatory initiatives in crucial areas such as marketing and advertising to children, and food reformulation, but that it could be improved, inter alia in relation to the relevance and impact of its commitments. In particular, the need to scale up and speed up commitments to achieve tangible results was underlined.

Comments or questions with respect to the commissions’ mid-term progress report for the “Strategy for Europe on nutrition, overweight and obesity-related health issues 2007-2013”, could be sent to  Sanco-obesity @ ec.europa.eu until 31 January 2011.

This report complements the 5-year evaluation of the EU Platform for Action on Diet, Physical Activity and Health, which was published in July 2010. This platform is a forum for European-level organisations, ranging from the food industry to consumer protection NGOs, willing to commit to tackling current trends in diet and physical activity [95 KB]

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