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GreenFacts Copyright Policy

The www.greenfacts.org website and its content are copyrighted. This page covers the copyright policies that apply to the different parts of the website. Please consult the General Copyright Policy section as well as the other sections that may be relevant. For any further inquiries, please contact .

© GreenFacts ASBL/VZW 2001–2007.
GreenFacts® is a registered trademark of GreenFacts ASBL/VZW.

  1. General Copyright Policy
  2. Three-Level Structure Copyright
  3. Copyright of the GreenFacts Javascript applications
  4. GreenFacts Digests Copyright
  5. GreenFacts Co-Publications Copyright
  6. Copyright of GreenFacts’ internal publications

1. General Copyright Policy

The following ways of using the content on the www.greenfacts.org website are freely available to all internet users:

  • The News Box Generator, a webmaster tool to put a "syndication box" with links to our most recent publications on your website, customized to your taste. It is automatically updated when new GreenFacts publications are released.
  • Under certain conditions, some parts of GreenFacts' publications can be copied or reproduced. Please see the specific conditions concerning the GreenFacts Digests and the GreenFacts Co-Publications in the relevant sections of this page.
  • Please contact GreenFacts about specific copyright information for the images used on www.greenfacts.org. Images relating to the organization and which can be used freely are available on the presskit page

  • The content of GreenFacts web pages are copyrighted, and contains some third party images/graphics as well as quoted texts that are used with permission.

2. Three-Level Structure Copyright Policy

 Reproduction of this feature is reserved to selected partners. More…

3. Javascript applications Copyright Policy

Please see the conditions in the script.


4. GreenFacts Digests Copyright Policy

Level 1 & 2 texts
In the case of the Digests, the Level 1 and 2 summaries and other texts written and produced by GreenFacts are copyrighted by GreenFacts. The reproduction of these texts is welcome, under the following conditions:

    • Reproduction of the Level 1 summary in paper publications is welcomed under the conditions stated on this page.
    • GreenFacts Members and Partners may freely copy or reproduce, under the conditions stated on this page:
      • on their website: the Level 1 summaries of GreenFacts Digests with links to the Level 2 summaries on www.greenfacts.org, as provided by the Summary Page Generator provided by GreenFacts for this purpose, as well as 
      • on their paper publications: both the Level 1 and 2 summaries.
    • GreenFacts must be fully informed of any reproduction of its publications or parts of them. Please also send us a copy of your paper publication, or the URL of the web page, containing the GreenFacts content.
    • In all cases, the copyright (© GreenFacts) must be made clearly visible, along with the URL of the publication on www.greenfacts.org.
    • Preliminary drafts and other publications available on the website which have not yet been officially released are published for review purposes only and may NOT to be quoted, reproduced, or copied.

Level 3 texts

The Level 3 source documents of the GreenFacts Digests are not authored by GreenFacts. All texts between quotation marks ("") and all figures on the Level 3 are subject to the copyright policy of the issuing institution (e.g., WHO, IPCC, EU, UNEP, IARC). The particular copyright rules of these external sources apply to all parts of the GreenFacts Digest concerned. Any limited authorisation granted to GreenFacts to publish these external sources is not transferable to third parties. Within each GreenFacts publication, please consult the “About this Digest” page to determine specific copyright conditions (or contact GreenFacts).

Paper versions of GreenFacts Digests

Attractive printed versions of some GreenFacts Digests can be ordered from GreenFacts (see the current list here). These are available for free to GreenFacts’ Members and Partners as well as to non-profit organizations (assuming the production costs of the printed publication have been covered, please contact GreenFacts for details).


Translations of the Level 1 & 2 texts into further languages are welcome, under the condition that the translations are reviewed by a scientific expert with native-level skills in the target language, and after approval by GreenFacts.

5. GreenFacts Co-Publications Copyright

The GreenFacts Co-Publications have been produced by GreenFacts under contract with a third-party organization. The contracting organization is the copyright holder of the entire publication. Any limited authorisation granted to GreenFacts to publish this content is not transferable to third parties.

For more information on the copyright of the current Co-Publications please read the on Copyright Notice of the European Commission or contact the on Health and Consumer Protection Directorate General.

6. Copyright of GreenFacts’ internal publications

Using extracts of GreenFacts' internal publications or copying parts of them is only allowed if it does not modify the general meaning and with prior consent of GreenFacts.


See also the GreenFacts Disclaimer.




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