Scientific Facts on the Aspertame artificial sweetener

Aspertame is a non-caloric artificial sweetener used in many diet drinks and foods. Although this artificial sweetener has been widely used for many years, some allegations still fuel a debate on possible side effects. Does aspertame really pose health risks?

Other views on the aspertame sweetener effects

This summary is based on the latest European Commission Scientific Committee on Food (EC-SCF) "Update on the Safety of Aspartame". It is considered by most scientists as a consensus document and other recent scientific assessments reach similar conclusions - click here for some links.

However, some people and organizations believe that the aspertame sweetener does pose risks to consumers.

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This study on the effects of the aspertame sweetener is a faithful summary of the leading scientific consensus report produced in 2002 by the EC-SCF (European Commission Scientific Committee on Food): "Update on the Safety of Aspartame". More...

Note that the proper spelling for Aspertame is Aspartame.