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The GreenFacts Publication Procedure

1) Launch of a publication

  • The subject of a Publication, the Editor and the Source document are selected by the GreenFacts Board of Directors together with the Scientific Board, which has the final decision power.
  • The Scientific Board appoints a Review Coordinator among its members.

2) Writing the first draft

  • The GreenFacts Staff structures the source document into questions and sub-questions for publication on Level 3.
  • The Editor then drafts the Level 1 and 2 summaries of the source document. The Staff works with the Editor to ensure that these summaries are clear and conform to its editorial needs.
  • The Editor and the Staff prepare together the links and glossary for the study.
  • The language of the summaries is reviewed by a communication specialist to ensure that it is comprehensible for the non-specialist.

3) Review and Publication

  • The GreenFacts Staff select stakeholder representatives from industry and environment and health non-profit organizations for a consultative pre-review of the draft.
  • The Review Coordinator selects three renowned experts for a peer-review of the GreenFacts summaries to ensure that they are unbiased and faithful to the source document.
  • Upon integration of the peer reviewers' comments, the President of the Scientific Board authorizes the final publication of the document on the website.
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