What is the aspertame sweetener?

Aspertame is a non caloric sweetener used in many diet soft drinks and food preparations. Because it degrades when heated and looses its sweeteness, aspertame can not be used for cooking and in sterilizing foods.

Several national and international organizations have assessed the safety of the aspertame sweetener and checked for its side effects. An Acceptable Daily Intake value of 40 mg/kg body weight per day was established. However, some allegations of health risks have launched a debate on the safety of aspertame. More on the aspertame sweetener...

This aspertame consumption is estimated to be well below the Acceptable Daily Intake (40 mg/kg body weight per day) set by the experts of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and the World Health Organization (WHO), even for children and high consumers of artificial sweeteners such as diabetics. More...
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Note that the proper spelling for Aspertame is Aspartame.