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Copyright on the Three-Level Structure

GreenFacts' Three-Level Structure is copyrighted
© GreenFacts ASBL/VZW 2001–2005.

What is GreenFacts' Three-Level Structure?

GreenFacts' Three-Level Structure is a canvas for presenting a complex specialist “Source Document” on the internet and making it accessible to a non-specialist audience, in the form of questions and answers, via three levels of increasing detail and complexity, as used on greenfacts.org for all GreenFacts Digests.

It is characterized by the following elements:

  • Three levels of information, presented as questions and answers as follows:
    • Level One is a short summary, where a number of main questions are posed and each of these is answered in a few paragraphs.
    • Level Two provides more elaborate answers to the main question; a subquestion is introduced for the answer corresponding to each Level-One paragraph (or group of paragraphs).
    • Level Three is the full text of the Source Document, with the main questions and subquestions added to the sections that provide the answers to them.
  • A web-friendly presentation, allowing readers to easily navigate from one level to the other and get more detailed information on specific questions, with the following characteristics:
    • Each section of Level Three contains a hyperlink to the summary of that section in Level Two.
    • Likewise, each section in Level Two contains hyperlinks both to the further summarized section in Level One and the full answer in Level Three.
    • Each section in Level One contain a hyperlink to the corresponding section in Level Two.
    • Finally, tabs allow the reader to move easily between the three levels for any section.
  • A specific production process, involving:
    • First, determining for each section of the Source Document the questions or sub-questions which it answers, and producing the Level Three by inserting these questions and sub-questions above the corresponding sections of the Source Document.
    • Second, summarizing a first time the answers to each sub-question of Level Three, to produce the Level Two.
    • Third, further summarizing each sub-question into one (or a few) short paragraph(s) and grouping them under a main question, to produce the Level One.
Who can use the Three-Level Structure?

The use or reproduction of the GreenFacts Three-Level Structure can only be granted on case to case basis to selected GreenFacts Partners, under specific conditions.
For more information, please contact GreenFacts.

GreenFacts Copyright Policy

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