Table 7: Estimated daily dietary intake of PCBs in the USA. a

Year Dietary intake (µg/kg body weight per day)
Adult Toddler Infants
a ATSDR (2000). Estimated intakes are based on an average "total diet" composition (which varies slightly) and not on individual food items. Average body weights are assumed to be 9 kg for infants, 13 kg for toddlers, and 70 kg for adults. Accordingly, the average dietary intake for 1982–1984 would be 0.0108 µg, 0.0104 μg, and 0.035 μg for the infant, toddler, and adult, respectively.
b ND = not detected.
1986–1991 <0.001 0.002 <0.001
1982–1984 0.0005 0.0008 0.0012
1981–1982 0.003 NDb ND
1980 0.008 ND ND
1979 0.014 ND ND
1978 0.027 0.099 0.011
1977 0.016 0.030 0.025
1976 Trace ND Trace

Source: WHO Section 6.2, Human exposure  of the
Polychlorinated biphenyls : Human health aspects.Concise international chemical assessment document ; 55 (2003)

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Table 7: Estimated daily dietary intake of PCBs in the USA. a


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