About the GreenFacts publications

What is published by GreenFacts?

A GreenFacts publication is a faithful summary of an international scientific report, peer-reviewed by independent experts. Publications include:

  • Digests which are peer-reviewed and published under the authority of the GreenFacts Scientific Board of independent experts. More...
  • Co-Publications which are produced under contract with the DG Health and Consumers of the European Commission. They are also peer-reviewed, but the publication process is overviewed by the Commission. More...

How are GreenFacts publications presented?

GreenFacts Publications are published online in several languages as questions and answers. They are presented in GreenFacts' copyrighted Three-Level Structure of increasing detail, which allows readers to choose the level of detail that best suits their needs. Complex words are explained in a comprehensive glossary which opens in a side window. In addition, Co-Publications are published on the European Commission’s website. For some of the latest Digests, paper versions of the Level-1 summaries have been printed and can be ordered.

Who publishes this website?

The GreenFacts Initiative is a non-profit project founded in 2001. Initially “GreenFacts Foundation” and then changed to "GreenFacts" in 2004, it is now managed by Cogeneris sprl. More...

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