Questions on artificial sweetener side effects

Can I use an artificial sweetener?

An artificial sweetener is a low calorie substance used as sweetener to replace sugars.

Carbohydrates, including sugars, are our body's main source of energy. We eat sugars occurring in fruits (fructose) and dairy products (lactose) and added sugars (sucrose).

We may want to replace sugars by an artificial sweetener such as aspartame when we want to loose weight. Also, diabetics need to limit their consumption of sugars; they can replace them by an artificial sweetener.


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Artificial sweeteners such as Aspartame (Canderel®, NutraSweet®...) can be used in hot drinks in place of sugar.

Aspartame is widely used as a low calorie sweetener in many diet soft drinks, food preparations and as table sweetener. More...

Food safety organizations have checked the safety of this artificial sweetener and of many others. However, some allegations of side effects still fuel debates. More on the aspartame sweetener debate...

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Aspartame is sometimes misspelled as aspertame.