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What are the aspartame side effects?

Aspartame is a artificial sweetener used in many diet soft drinks and food preparations. It was discovered in 1965 and entered the market in the 80’s. Aspartame is marketed under several brand names, including Canderel and NutraSweet. More...

A number of scientific organizations have analyzed aspartame for possible side effects. An Acceptable Daily Intake of 40 mg/kg body weight per day was established, while the consumption of aspartame in Europe is between 2.8 and 10.1 mg/kg body weight per day. More...

However, some allegations of side effects have launched a debate on the safety of artificial sweeteners and aspartame. More...

Does aspartame cause side effects
on human health?



Aspartame:  side effects?
The consumption of aspartame in Europe is well below the Acceptable Daily Intake.

The scientific committees that reviewed the side effects of aspartame and its breakdown products concluded that:

  • People get far less breakdown products from aspartame than from normal consumption of natural foods.
  • Aspartame consumption is not likely to exceed the current Acceptable Daily Intake (ADI), even for children and diabetics.
  • While some minor health effects may occur at very high doses, no effects are expected below the ADI. More...
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Aspartame is sometimes misspelled aspertame.