Does Canderel have side effects?

What is Canderel ®?

Canderel ® is a low calorie artificial sweetener, available in tablets and in a granular powder form. It uses a blend of ingredients, but its main sweetening ingredient is aspartame.

One level teaspoon of granular Canderel is equivalent in sweetness to one level teaspoon of sugar, but it is much less caloric: 1 Teaspoon of Canderel (0.5g) = 2 Calories compared to 1 Teaspoon of Sugar (5g) = 16 Calories

Canderel tablets are available in dispensers in several sizes. One tablet is equivalent to one teaspoonful of sugar, but it contains about 50 times less calorie: one tablet of Canderel = 1/3 of a Calorie, compared to 1 teaspoon of sugar = 16 Calories.


consumption of Canderel  
One Canderel tablet is equivalent to one teaspoonful of sugar.


Canderel® is just one of the brand names under which aspartame is marketed. This sweetener is used in many diet soft drinks and food preparations. Scientists have verified its safety and established an Acceptable Daily Intake for aspartame. More...

However, some allegations of aspartame side effects have launched debates on artificial sweeteners such as Canderel. More...

Canderel ® is a registered trade mark of Merisant.

Read the GreenFacts summary on aspartame and find out about the safety of Canderel.
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Aspartame, the main sweetening ingredient of Canderel, is sometimes misspelled aspertame.