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Comparison of Health and Environmental Effects between four Phthalates

The aim of this peer reviewed comparison is to put in perspective the potential dangers and risks of four phthalates used mainly as plasticizers in PVC applications and help the non specialist reader to make its opinion in these matters. The comparison is by definition limited to the conclusions of the risk assessments of the four phthalates published by ECB and already summarized as “Digests” by GreenFacts. This without expressing any judgment or opinion neither in adding any new element of information that could have been made available since the publication of the original documents.

Based on the risk assessments published by the European Chemicals Bureau (ECB)
  • Source documents:ECB
  • Summary & Comparison: GreenFacts

The global conclusions of the risk assessments on DBP, DEHP, DINP and DIDP were:

  • More research may be necessary on the environmental effects of DEHP, DINP and DIDP;
  • Children may be at risk through exposure from DEHP and DIDP in toys and child-care articles;
  • Babies, children and adults undergoing certain medical procedures in which they are exposed to DEHP via medical equipment may be at a risk;
  • In some workplaces, the exposure of workers to DBP and DEHP should be reduced;

The comparison is organised in 6 tables covering the various aspects of the four risk assessments

You can refer to the GreenFacts Digests for further details and have access, through the “level 3” of the Digest, to the corresponding part of the original risk assessment.


You can also refer to the ECHA review reports published by the European Chemicals Agency (these files are hosted on the ECHA website):

on DBP :dbp_echa_review_report_2010_6_en.pdf

on DEHP :dehp_echa_review_report_2010_6_en.pdf

on DINP :dinp_echa_review_report_2010_6_en.pdf

on DIDP :didp_echa_review_report_2010_6_en.pdf