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What is the current state of biodiversity and the consequences of its loss for ecosystems and humans?

Assessments of biodiversity loss
Bee losses

Are the causes of bee losses now well identified ? More...

Latest update: 20 March 2014

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Biodiversity (CBD)

In 2002, the Convention on Biological Diversity set the target of reducing the rate of biodiversity loss by 2010 and established a number of biodiversity indicators to assess progress towards meeting that target. Can this target be reached? What actions are needed? More...

Latest update: 15 May 2007

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Biodiversity (MA)

Biodiversity contributes to many aspects of human well-being, for instance by providing raw materials and contributing to health. The Millennium Ecosystem Assessment shows that human actions often lead to irreversible losses in terms of diversity of life on Earth. What factors are responsible for this rapid loss? More...

Latest update: 15 May 2006

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Biodiversity in context
State of the European Environment

A comprehensive assessment of Europe’s progress towards achieving environmental sustainability. More...

Latest update: 20 September 2015

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Ecosystem Change

Humans depend heavily on ecosystem for benefits such as food, but we also have a tremendous impact on them.

The Millennium Ecosystem Assessment (MA) produced in 2005 by a large international panel of scientists explored possible options to avoid or reverse desertification and its negative impacts. More...

Latest update: 15 March 2005

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