Footnote 1: Botswana notes that this is especially a problem in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Footnote 2: The USA would prefer that this sentence be written as follows “progressive evolution of IPR regimes in countries where national policies are not fully developed and progressive engagement in IPR management.”

Footnote 3: The UK notes that there is no international definition of food sovereignty.

Footnote 4: China and the USA do not believe that this entire section is balanced and comprehensive.

Footnote 5: The USA would prefer that this sentence be reflected in this paragraph: Opening national agricultural markets to international competition can offer economic benefits, but can lead to long term negative effects on poverty alleviation, food security and the environment without basic national institutions and infrastructure being in place.

Footnote 6: Canada and USA would prefer the following sentence: “Provision of assistance to help low income countries affected by liberalization to adjust and benefit from liberalized trade is essential to advancing development agendas.”

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