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Note: Links are provided for information purposes only and are not an endorsement of the content of the sites to which they are made.

  1. Environment and Health non-profit organizations
  2. International institutions
  3. Governmental institutions
  4. Universities
  5. Other websites

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1 Environment and Health non-profit organizations
2 International institutions
  • The World Health Organization (WHO) links to the GreenFacts Digest (as the popularized version of the MA report) in an article titled "Damage to ecosystems poses growing threat to human health": 
  • The Millennium Ecosystem Assessment (MA), the international work programme that published the source document used in this study, also refers to the GreenFacts Digest as the 'popularized version' of their document. They link to the study for example from the webpage where all the different synthesis reports are presented: .
3 Governmental institutions
4 Universities
5 Other websites

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