Similar term(s): chlorodibromomethane.


CHBr2Cl. An organic compound, of the trihalomethane group. Dibromochloromethane is a colorless to yellow heavy, nonflammable, liquid with a sweet odor. Dibromochloromethane is slightly soluble in water and readily evaporates to air.

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Dibromochloromethane can be found in chlorinated drinking water as a disinfection byproduct, formed as a consequence of the reaction of chlorine with natural organic matter and bromide ions in the raw water supply (from lakes, reservoirs, rivers etc).

In the past, dibromochloromethane was used as a solvent, a flame retardant and in the manufacture of other chemicals. Today, dibromochloromethane is limited in use and only used as a laboratory reagent, and as such is now manufactured in very small quantities. Small amounts of dibromochloromethane are formed naturally by plants in the ocean.

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