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Respiratory Diseases in Children


About this Digest on Respiratory Diseases

  1. Sources for this Digest
  2. Current Status
  3. Digest Publication History

1. Sources for this Digest

We appreciate the way GreenFacts has summarised the Baseline Report on Respiratory Health drawn up by a group of scientific experts under the Environment & Health strategy. GreenFacts' summaries are faithful to our report, while making it accessible to a much wider audience.
Chantal Bruetschy, head of the Health and Urban Areas Unit of DG-Environment

I am pleased to see that the issues relevant to the respiratory health of children, and to the health of the coming generations of European adults may now reach a wider audience. The challenges ahead are considerable but the health gains are surely worth the effort
Prof. Peter Helms, Department of Children Health, University of Aberdeen & co-chair of the subgroup "Respiratory Health" of the EU's Technical Working Group on priority diseases

The material content of the texts on Level 3 is directly sourced from the  Baseline Report on Respiratory Health (COM(2003)338 final), a leading scientific report produced in 2003 in the framework of the European Environment and Health Strategy  for the European Commission by the Technical Working Group on priority diseases, a large international panel of scientists.

The Levels 1 & 2 were written by Prof. Benoit Nemery and Dr. Tim Nawrot in collaboration with the GreenFacts editorial team.

GreenFacts Copyright Policy

2. Current Status

Approved for publication by the GreenFacts Scientific Board.

3. Digest Publication History

The GreenFacts publication process is designed to ensure as high a degree of objectivity as possible.

First draft

The first draft of this Digest was produced by Prof. Benoit Nemery and Dr. Tim Nawrot on 30 June 2005 on the basis of a canvas prepared by the GreenFacts Team.

Second draft

The second draft of this Digest was produced in July 2005 by Prof. Benoit Nemery and Dr. Tim Nawrot after review by the GreenFacts Team.

Preliminary and Peer review

The final draft of this Digest was produced on 13 october 2005 by by Prof. Benoit Nemery and Dr. Tim Nawrot after pre-review by experts from environmental and industrial organizations (see our  pre review form) and peer review by three independent scientists selected by the GreenFacts Scientific Board (see our  peer review form). Final corrections were added under the supervision of the GreenFacts Scientific Board in October 2005.


Final publication was authorized by the President of the GreenFacts Scientific Board on 24 October 2005.

Press Release

1 Mar. 2006:
Respiratory diseases in children. Read the Press Release.

Updates or subsequent post-publication revisions

No update or revision at present.

GreenFacts Copyright Policy

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