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About this Digest on Static Fields

  1. Sources for this Digest
  2. Current Status
  3. Digest Publication History

1. Sources for this Digest

The material content of the texts on Level 3 is directly sourced from the  "Environmental Health Criteria 232 Static Fields" of the WHO (World Health Organization), a leading scientific report produced in 2006 by a large international panel of scientists.

The Levels 1 & 2 are summaries written by the GreenFacts editorial team with a financial contribution from the Radiation and Environmental Health Unit of the WHO in the frame of the International EMF Project.

On the WHO website, the source document can be:

GreenFacts Copyright Policy

2. Current Status

Approved for publication by the GreenFacts Scientific Board.

3. Digest Publication History

I must say I was very impressed with the way GreenFacts described and communicated the information on static fields. It was very professional and informative.

WHO is very happy to work with you.
Dr. Michael Repacholi, former WHO
Co-ordinator, Radiation and Environmental
Health Unit

The GreenFacts publication process is designed to ensure as high a degree of objectivity as possible.

First draft

The first draft of this Digest was produced by the GreenFacts Editorial Team on 27 February 2006.

Second draft

The second draft of this Digest was produced in December 2005 by GreenFacts Editorial Team.

Peer review

The final draft of this Digest was produced on 30 December 2005 by GreenFacts and was peer reviewed by 3 independent scientists selected by the GreenFacts Scientific Board (see our  peer review form). Final corrections were added under the supervision of the GreenFacts Scientific Board in January 2006.


Final publication was authorized by the President of the GreenFacts Scientific Board in January 2006.

The final release took place on 21 March 2006, timed to coincide with the publication of the source document on the WHO website.

Press Release

No press release at present.

Updates or subsequent post-publication revisions

No update or revision at present.

GreenFacts Copyright Policy

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