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Ftalatos Dibutilftalato

7. Is further research needed?

    Further testing to adequately characterise the toxicity of DBP in air to plants concluded that there is further need for risk reduction beyond those which are currently applied. Therefore, atmosphere releases of DBP by production sites should be reduced in order to protect plants.

    For effects on the aquatic compartment (including sediment), soil and the food chain, there is at present no need for further information or testing or risk reduction measures beyond those which are being applied already.

    For workers, due to concerns about the effects of repeated dermal exposure from “aerosol forming activities” and concerns for adverse local effects in the respiratory tract as a consequence of repeated inhalation exposure in all workplace exposure scenarios, there is a need for limiting the risks. It is possible that in some industrial premises adequate worker protection measures are already being applied.

    For consumers, the end products containing DBP and the sources of exposure are unlikely to pose a risk for consumers (adults, infants and new-borns) following inhalation, skin contact and ingestion. The indirect exposure via the environment is unlikely to pose a risk to humans following the main route of exposure, the oral route. More...

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