Peruvian anchoveta

Similar term(s): peruvian anchovy, anchoveta.


The Peruvian anchoveta is a fish of the anchovy family.

Anchoveta occur in the southeastern Pacific Ocean, mainly within 80 km of the coasts of Peru, and Chile.

They live in huge schools at a depth that ranges from 3 to 80 m.

The population was greatly reduced during the 1972 El Niño event, when warm water replaced the cold Humboldt Current which the fish prefer.

The peruvian anchoveta is very popular for making fish meal and it produces one of the highest quality fish meals in the world.

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Source: GreenFacts

Peruvian anchoveta
(Engraulis ringens) Peruvian anchoveta

Source: Animal Diversity Web Superorder Clupeomorpha 

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Deutsch: Peruanische Sardelle
Español: Anchoveta peruana
Français: Anchois du Pérou
Nederlands: Peruaanse ansjovis

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