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Biodiversity A Global Outlook

9. How is the Convention on Biological Diversity being implemented?

  • 9.1 What are the tools provided by the Convention (CBD)?
  • 9.2 What progress has been made towards the convention’s Goals?

Translating the content of the Convention into policy and practice at the national and local level is extremely challenging. In the first ten years following the creation of the Convention a comprehensive body of guidance relating to the goals of the Convention was developed. In 2002, the Conference of the Parties adopted a Strategic Plan, including the 2010 target, and, in 2004, a framework for assessing progress towards the 2010 target. More...

9.1 What are the tools provided by the Convention (CBD)?

Policy instruments and other tools developed by the Convention include:

  • thematic programmes of work of the Convention, covering seven major biomes;
  • programmes of work on technology transfer, protected areas and classification of organisms (taxonomy); and
  • principles and guidelines developed on issues considered to be of relevance to all thematic areas, including biodiversity monitoring, impact assessment, incentive measures, and invasive alien species.

The Conference of the Parties has also adopted a Global Strategy for Plant Conservation which encompasses 16 outcome-oriented targets aimed at achieving a series of measurable results by 2010. The Strategy provides a framework for concerted action by all stakeholders towards these targets.

In addition, the Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety, adopted as a legal instrument in its own right in 2000, aims to ensure that biotechnology does not adversely affect biodiversity or human health.

At the national level, provisions of the Convention and the policy decisions of the Conference of the Parties are translated into actions through national biodiversity strategies and action plans. More...

9.2 What progress has been made towards the convention’s Goals?

Ten years after entry into force of the Convention, the Conference of the Parties adopted, in 2002, a Strategic Plan. The mission of this Strategic Plan is for Parties to commit themselves to a more effective and coherent implementation of the three objectives of the Convention, in order to achieve by 2010 a significant reduction of the current rate of biodiversity loss at the global, regional and national level as a contribution to poverty alleviation and to the benefit of all life on Earth. In the context of this mission, the Plan encompasses four goals. Progress towards these goals is mixed. More...

9.2.1 Reasonable progress is being made towards promoting international cooperation in support of the Convention (Goal 1). The Convention is playing a major role in setting the agenda among biodiversity-related conventions and organizations. However, opportunities remain to increase policy coherence with other international instruments, particularly under the trade regime. More...

9.2.2 Despite major efforts, progress remains limited towards ensuring that Parties have improved financial, human, scientific, technical, and technological capacity to implement the Convention (Goal 2). More...

9.2.3 Most Parties have developed national biodiversity strategies and action plans but implementation of these to achieve the objectives of the Convention (Goal 3) is far from sufficient, and there has been insufficient attention to the integration of biodiversity concerns into sectoral policies and programmes (eg agriculture, forestry, fisheries, tourism), poverty reduction strategies and planning and development strategies more generally. More...

9.2.4 Progress is mixed towards achieving a better understanding of the importance of biodiversity and of the Convention, which would lead to broader engagement across society in implementation (Goal 4). Current communication, education and public-awareness programmes are not sufficient. Despite some progress, additional efforts are required to engage key actors and stakeholders in all sectors of society. More...

9.2.5 It is apparent that, while advancement can be seen in some areas, more actions are urgently needed. Implementation of the Convention must be focused at the national level and this is where more actions are needed. In particular, it appears essential to integrate biodiversity into all relevant policies and plans and not restrict the biological basis of human well-being to the environment domain. More...

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