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About this Digest on Air Pollution

  1. Sources for this Digest
  2. Specificity of this digest
  3. Current Status
  4. Digest Publication History

1. Sources for this Digest

The material content of the texts on Level 3 is directly sourced from
" Health Aspects of Air Pollution with Particulate Matter, Ozone and Nitrogen Dioxide" (2003), as well as " Answer to follow-up questions from CAFE (2004)" of the WHO (World Health Organization) Regional Office for Europe, a leading scientific report produced by a large international panel of scientists.

These reports have been published as part of the WHO project "Systematic Review of Health Aspects of Air Quality in Europe" that aims to provide the Clean Air for Europe (CAFE) programme of the European Commission with a systematic, periodic, scientifically independent review of the health aspects of the air quality in Europe.

The texts in Levels 1 & 2 are either summaries written by the GreenFacts editorial team in collaboration with Prof Jacques Kummer or excerpts of the WHO reference document.

GreenFacts Copyright Policy

2. Specificity of this digest

Nitrogen Dioxide - Ozone - Particulate Matter

This study covers three different air pollutants as well as some overarching issues. Information can be read selectively on one pollutant or on all of them. Navigating from one pollutant to another is facilitated by buttons:

Nitrogen Dioxide Ozone Particulate Matter

Moreover, the original source documents were "presented in short in the form of short answers to concrete policy relevant questions", each WHO answer being followed by a rationale. This structure was largely taken over in the GreenFacts Digest with Level 2 presenting mainly the WHO's answers and Level 3 presenting both the WHO's answers and rationales.

3. Current Status

Approved for publication by the GreenFacts Scientific Board.

4. Digest Publication History

The GreenFacts publication process is designed to ensure as high a degree of objectivity as possible.

First draft

The first draft of this Digest was produced in late 2004 on the basis of a canvas prepared by the GreenFacts Editorial Team.

Second draft

The second draft of this Digest was produced in early 2005 after review by Prof. Jacques Kummer and Prof. Claude Lambré.

Preliminary and Peer review

Final publication was authorized by the President of the GreenFacts Scientific Board the 31 August 2005.


The final draft of this Digest was produced in August 2005 after pre-review by experts from an environmental organization (see our  pre review form) and peer review by 3 independent scientists selected by the GreenFacts Scientific Board (see our  peer review form). Final corrections were added under the supervision of the GreenFacts Scientific Board in August 2005.

Press Release

No update or revision at present.

GreenFacts Copyright Policy

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