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Straling en elektromagnetische velden

Radioactieve materialen, ultraviolette straling, elektromagnetische velden van mobiele telefoons, hoogspanningskabels en andere apparaten; het hele spectrum wordt gedekt.

Eenmalig-gebruik kunststoffen

Herbruikbaar tafelgerei doet het in alle studies consistent beter dan tafelgerei voor eenmalig gebruik en voor de meeste milieueffectcategorieën. Meer…

Laatste Update: 20 mei 2021

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Some 30 years ago, the most serious accident in nuclear history changed the lives of many. The greatest contamination occurred in areas that are now part of Belarus, Russia, and Ukraine.
The UN Chernobyl Forum assessed how this region has been affected by the accident and how it has coped. More...

Latest update: 17 December 2017

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Fukushima Consequences

What are the causes and consequences accident at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant? More...

Latest update: 12 September 2016

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Health Effects of Electromagnetic Fields

New SCENIHR opinion examines latest data on health impact of latest technologies

Is EMF exposure dangerous for your health? More...

Latest update: 6 March 2015

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Electromagnetic Fields

The omnipresence of new technologies that emit electromagnetic fields has raised concerns about how EMF exposure might impact our health. More...

Latest update: 8 September 2009

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Fukushima accident

What are the health impacts of the 2011 Fukushima nuclear accident for the workers and for the general population? More...

Latest update: 27 April 2015

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Power lines

Overhead power lines, wiring in buildings and electrical appliances generate "Extremely Low Frequency" (ELF) electromagnetic fields.
The International Agency for Research on Cancer assessed whether such ELF fields cause cancer, leukaemia or other health effects. More...

Latest update: 15 October 2004

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Security Scanners

Because of increased concern over terrorist attacks on aircraft, new security scanners have been developed to screen passengers at airports, some using x-rays.

Is their use safe for passengers and workers? More...

Latest update: 18 February 2013

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Static Fields

Some electrical equipment, such as medical MRI scanners, trains, and television sets, can generate static magnetic or electric fields.
The World Health Organisation assessed what is currently known about their potential health effects? More...

Latest update: 15 March 2006

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Sunbeds & UV radiation

In addition to natural sunlight, sunbed users expose themselves to substantial amounts of artificial UV radiation.
The European Commission Scientific Committee on Consumer Products assessed the health and safety implications of both natural and artificial UV radiation? More...

Latest update: 15 August 2007

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X-Ray Full-Body Scanners

To improve airport security in the light of terrorist threats new full-body scanners have been developed to complement existing metal detectors and hand searches.

How safe are such X-ray security scanners for passengers, in particular for frequent flyers? More...

Latest update: 30 September 2013

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Children & Screens

How are children using smartphones and tablets?

What are the potential consequences of screens and what should parents do to protect them? More...

Latest update: 15 November 2018

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