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Risks of new technologies

New technologies are entering our shopping carts. How do they differ from traditional products? Do they pose potential risk to our health or to the environment?

Artificial Light and Health

Must we be cautious when using artificial light? More...

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Energy Saving Lamps

Currently, conventional incandescent lamps are in the process of being replaced with more energy-efficient lamps, mainly compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs). Fluorescent light has been used for many years in overhead fluorescent tubes without causing any problems. Nevertheless, certain “light sensitive” citizens’ associations have voiced concerns about compact fluorescent lamps.

Do these energy-saving lamps aggravate the symptoms in patients with certain diseases? More...

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Genetically Modified Crops

We are regularly confronted with genetically modified foods, be it in the news or on our plates. In what way are GM crops different from conventional crops? What is known about the possible risks for human health or the environment? More...

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Risks of nanoparticles and nanomaterials

New scientific methods have to be developped since current methods may not be relevant to testing nanomaterials. More...

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Artificial Light

New energy saving lighting technologies are being used more and more.

Can these new artificial light sources affect the health of the general public or of light-sensitive people? More...

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The commercial use of nanomaterials is fairly new, and while it may offer promising and beneficial applications, it also raises questions about its safety. Is nano-silica in cosmetics dangerous? More...

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Mercury in CFL

Does the mercury they contain pose a risk to consumers?

Are compact fluorescent lamps beneficial to the environment compared to other lamps? More...

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The rapid development of nanotechnology created some concerns about their possible effects on human health and safety, and environmental burden. More...

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Nanotechnologies represent a fast-growing market and are already being widely used. Yet, materials containing nanoparticles may be of concern for human health and the environment.

Are the existing methodologies to assess the risks appropriate? More...

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Personal Music Players & Hearing

In recent years, sales of personal music players have soared and an increasing proportion of the population, particularly young people, is exposed to high sound volumes.

In the light of current scientific knowledge, can the use of personal music players damage hearing? More...

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Transgenic salmon

Is the AquAdvantage transgenic salmon safe for human consumption and for the environment? More...

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Security Scanners

Because of increased concern over terrorist attacks on aircraft, new security scanners have been developed to screen passengers at airports, some using x-rays.

Is their use safe for passengers and workers? More...

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Synthetic Biology

SynBio uses faster and easier methods for producing genetically modified organisms (GMOs). What could be the potential risks of synthetic biology? More...

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Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes are growing more and more popular. What is their effect on health?

Can they have an impact on tobacco control? More...

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X-Ray Full-Body Scanners

To improve airport security in the light of terrorist threats new full-body scanners have been developed to complement existing metal detectors and hand searches.

How safe are such X-ray security scanners for passengers, in particular for frequent flyers? More...

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