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Cambio Climático IPCC Actualización 2013


Nivel 2 - Detalles sobre Cambio Climático IPCC Actualización 2013 en inglés

  • 1. How are uncertainties handled by the IPCC?
  • Observations
  • 2. What have been the observed climate changes in the last centuries?
    • 2.1 How has the global mean temperature on earth evolved?
    • 2.2 How have precipitations and droughts globally changed in the last decades?
    • 2.3 Has the salinity, acidity and oxygen content of oceans changed?
    • 2.4 How has the earth’s ice cover evolved in the last decades?
    • 2.5 Has the level of the oceans changed?
    • 2.6 Have extreme weather events increased in the last decades?
    • 2.7 How have emissions of greenhouse gases evolved in the last centuries?
  • Drivers
  • 3. What makes the climate change?
    • 3.1 What is radiative forcing?
    • 3.2 What are the current natural drivers of climate change?
    • 3.3 What are the man-made drivers of climate change?
    • 3.4 What in the role of feedback mechanisms in climate change?
  • Understanding
  • 4. How do we study the climate system?
    • 4.1 Models, observations and validation
    • 4.2 Why have global temperature increases slowed down in the past 15 years?
    • 4.3 How do projections from previous assessments compare with the present observations?
    • 4.4 How have the oceans changed?
    • 4.5 Snow and Ice
    • 4.6 What are the main climate changes that could be irreversible?
  • Projections
  • 5. What changes are projected in the climate system in the future?
    • 5.1 Which models and scenarios were used in this climate change assessment?
    • 5.2 How are CO2 emissions and the carbon cycle projected to evolve in the future?
    • 5.3 How is the climate projected to change in the future?
    • 5.4 Is "climate stabilization" possible?
    • 5.5 How would extreme events be affected by climate change?
  • Uncertainties
  • 6. What are the main uncertainties regarding climate change?
    • 6.1 Key Uncertainties in Observation of Changes in the Climate System
    • 6.2 Key Uncertainties in the main drivers of Climate Change
    • 6.3 Key Uncertainties in understanding the recent changes in the climate system
    • 6.4 Key Uncertainties in Projections of Global and Regional Climate Change

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