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About this Digest on Power lines, Wiring & Appliances

  1. Sources for this Digest
  2. Current Status
  3. Digest Publication History

1. Sources for this Digest

The material content of most of the texts on Level 3 is directly sourced from the Summary of Data Reported and Evaluation of Static and Extremely Low Frequency (ELFs) electric and magnetic fields  of the IARC (International Agency for Research on Cancer), a leading scientific report produced in 2002 by a large international panel of scientists.

The exception is:

The Levels 1 & 2 have been written by Prof. Luc Verschaeve in collaboration with the GreenFacts editorial team .

GreenFacts Copyright Policy

2. Current Status

Approved for publication by the GreenFacts Scientific Board.

3. Digest Publication History

The GreenFacts publication process is designed to ensure as high a degree of objectivity as possible.

First draft

The first draft of this Digest on ELF electromagnetic fields was produced by Prof. Luc Verschaeve in June 2003 on the basis of a canvas prepared by the GreenFacts Team.

Second draft

The second draft of this Digest was produced in December 2003 by Prof. Luc Verschaeve after review by the GreenFacts Team.

Preliminary and Peer review

The final draft of this Digest was produced in June 2004 by Prof. Luc Verschaeve after pre-review by experts from environmental organizations and industry (see our  pre review form).

The final draft was peer reviewed by 3 independent scientists selected by the GreenFacts Scientific Board (see our  peer review form) and final corrections were added under the supervision of the GreenFacts Scientific Board in October 2004.


Final publication was authorized by the President of the GreenFacts Scientific Board in late October 2004.

Press Release

25 November 2004:
GreenFacts publishes Power Lines and Mercury studies. Read the Press Release.

Updates or subsequent post-publication revisions

No update or revision at present.

GreenFacts Copyright Policy

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