Center for Applied Biodiversity Science

The Center for Applied Biodiversity Science at Conservation International:

"The mission of the Center for Applied Biodiversity Science (CABS) is to strengthen CI's ability to identify and respond to elements that threaten the earth's biological diversity.

CABS brings together leading experts in science and technology to collect and interpret data about biodiversity, develop strategic plans for conservation, and forge partnerships in all sectors that promote conservation goals. CABS promotes public awareness and involvement in saving the planet's living resources.

CABS was founded in 1998 with a major grant from the Co-Founder of Intel Corporation, Gordon Moore, and his wife Betty. CABS focuses on generating and disseminating science-based information to support Conservation International's broader goals. Conservation International (CI) was founded in 1987 with the mission to conserve biodiversity and to demonstrate that human societies can live harmoniously with nature."

Quelle: CABS Webseiten 


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