European Food Information Council

"The European Food Information Council, EUFIC, is a non-profit organisation which provides science-based information on food and food-related topics to the media, health and nutrition professionals, educators, and opinion leaders."

"EUFIC acts as a vital link in the communication chain by channeling information gathered at the source - primarily from nutrition and food safety experts - through to the consumers.

EUFIC's mission is directly related to the increasing public demand for sound, balanced information on the nutritional quality and safety of foods.

EUFIC directs its resources towards three broad areas:

  • Safety and quality of food and food products
  • Nutrition, diet and health
  • Application of biotechnology in the food chain"

Quelle: EUFIC Webseiten 


English: European Food Information Council
Español: Consejo Europeo de Información sobre la Alimentación
Français: Conseil Européen de l'Information sur l'Alimentation