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Verhütung von Krankheiten

Krankheiten wie AIDS, Atemwegserkrankungen, Fettleibigkeit, Diabetes, Herz-Kreislauf-Erkrankungen und Krebs nehmen weltweit zu. Entscheidend ist es die Ursachen dieser Krankheiten zu verstehen, ihnen vorzubeugen und ihr Fortschreiten zu bremsen.


Aufgrund des Wandels unserer Lebens- und Essgewohnheiten, haben bestimmte chronische Krankheiten weltweit zugenommen.

Ernährungsbedingte chronische Krankheiten wie Fettleibigkeit, Diabetes, Herz-Kreislauf-Erkrankungen, Krebs, Zahnerkrankungen und Osteoporose sind eine erhebliche Belastung für die Gesellschaft.

Wie können gesunde Ernährung und Bewegung helfen das Risiko für diese chronischen Krankheiten zu verringern? Mehr...

Neuestes Update: 15 Februar 2008

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Veröffentlichungen in anderen Sprachen

In just 25 years, HIV has spread relentlessly to virtually every country in the world, infecting 65 million people and killing 25 million. What has been done since 2001 and what can be done in the future to halt the spread of AIDS? More...

Latest update: 15 November 2006

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Antibiotics Research

Antibiotic resistance is a serious public health issue. What are the prospects for the development of new drugs to fight it? More...

Latest update: 3 November 2017

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Antibiotic resistance

The misuse of antibiotics has led to the emergence of resistant bacteria. What has caused it and how can the spread of resistance be limited? More...

Latest update: 30 September 2014

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Cancer rates and mortality, types and causes

This is a synthesis which looks at the evolution of cancer rates and its related mortality, as well as at the main types of cancer and the main known causes and prevention means. More...

Latest update: 27 December 2016

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Estrogen-progestogen cancer risk

Combined estrogen-progestogen pills are used both as oral contraceptives and for hormone therapy in menopausal women.

How is their use linked to cancer risks? More...

Latest update: 7 March 2017

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Tuberculosis is an infectious disease affecting a growing number of people around the world. Usually treatable, some forms of the disease have emerged that do not respond to drugs, making it very difficult to treat. What are the trends in drug-resistant tuberculosis and what must be done to control it? More...

Latest update: 18 December 2008

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Global Public Health Threats

With the increase in plane traffic, contagious illnesses spread farther and faster than ever. Some diseases, such as tuberculosis are becoming resistant to antibiotics. Old enemies like polio refuse to go away. Others like smallpox which have been eradicated threaten a devastating comeback if released. These and other threats are explored by the World Health Report – A safer future: global public health security in the 21st century. More...

Latest update: 10 October 2008

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Chronic Diseases on Labour Practices

What is their economic impact on labour market? More...

Latest update: 25 November 2016

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Lyme Disease

What is the treatment? More...

Latest update: 25 July 2016

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Malaria is one of the most common infectious diseases and a great public health problem worldwide. What is being done to control its spread?

Can malaria be eradicated? More...

Latest update: 21 April 2009

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Respiratory Diseases

Asthma and allergies are increasing in many European countries. Can genetic and environmental factors affect a child's likelihood to develop such diseases? More...

Latest update: 15 October 2005

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Benzodiazepines are a class of pharmaceutical drugs that are widely prescribed for insomnia, anxiety, depression, and a range of other conditions.How should they be used, considering that dependance and tolerance can develop with continued use? More...

Latest update: 26 June 2017

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Vaccination saves millions of lives each year. How do they work and is there still progress to be made? More...

Latest update: 30 September 2014

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Health Environment Management

Worldwide, the fraction of the global burden for both death and disease associated to environmental risks is 22%.

To what extent can environmental management better protect people’s health? More...

Latest update: 5 November 2016

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